Jian Huang --- Chinese Name


An atheistic, skeptic, liberalist.
A software engineer and researcher.
I seek, I think, I speak.


  • Residence: Sydney, Australia
  • Google Map: -33.899657,151.213736
  • Mobile: +61-455205315
  • Email: alan [at] hnjhj.com

Personal Info.

  • Birth: July 1982, Shanghai, China
  • Education: Ph.D. (Engineering), B.Eng. (Software), University of Melbourne
  • Career: Quantitative Developer, Algorithmic Trading
  • Personality: Perfect Melancholy + Powerful Choleric
  • Interests: Science, Technology, Philosophy, History, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Sports, Music
  • Favourites:
    • Sports: Soccer, Badminton, Skiing, Snooker
    • Video Games: Winning Eleven, Civilization, Simcity
    • Hobbies: Pop Songs, Reading, Writing
    • Scientist: Charles Robert Darwin
    • Book: The History of Mankind (by Hendrik Willem van Loon)
    • Colour: Red (#FF0000)

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